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One KA @ Macpherson is a prominent B1 light industrial development that is situated in an advantageous position within District 13. In comparison to the many other homes that are already known to exist in the neighborhood, this one is really unique.

The ramp-up B1 industrial space provided by One KA @ Macpherson consists of roomy units with a comfortable floor area. In addition to that, there is a car park and an industrial canteen that are also accessible. Macpherson is not just one of the most popular tourist attractions but also home to a significant portion of the nation’s people. It will grow even further with a variety of housing complexes and business facilities that will provide improved services to the surrounding region as it expands.

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The new building has large floor plans that are set up in a way that makes them very functional. It is appropriate for companies that care about the comfort of their employees as well as the convenience of their customers. This building will offer a modern space for the expansion of B1 light industrial businesses thanks to its high-specification exterior design.

This project’s number of levels was chosen specifically so that there would be a greater difference in height between the floor and ceiling, which may be as high as six meters. Because it has such a large amount of floor space, One KA @ Macpherson is able to provide its tenants with a wide variety of features designed to make their jobs easier.

Because the building is built in modules, it is possible to add the spaces that are needed so that it can be used in different ways.

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Location of One KA @ Macpherson

Because it is on the edge of Macpherson in a desirable area, One KA @ Macpherson will make it easy for its future residents to get to a lot of different places to eat.

Both Macpherson Road and Kampong Ampat, which are just across from the construction site, are home to a large number of well-known dining establishments.

In addition, you will be able to reach the planned retail center located downstairs with the push of a single button on the elevator.

You’re going to really like the fact that there are two of Singapore’s most prestigious and well-known schools situated within a kilometer of each other. Both Bartley Secondary School and St. Andrew’s Junior College may be found here.


Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is a haven for those who have a passion for nature and those who are just starting out in the field of horticulture. It is situated in the middle of Singapore, right next to the Marina Bay Waterfront.

This green paradise, which covers 101 hectares and includes the Bay South Garden, the Bay East Garden, and the Bay Central Garden, has won several awards since it was first opened in 2012.

These accolades here include “Best Attraction in Asia Pacific” from Travel Weekly in 2015, the “Best Attraction Experience” award from the Singapore Tourism Awards in 2019 and the “Landscape Award” from World Architecture News in 2013.


The Central Business District

The Central Business District, which is also called “the city” or “CBD,” is where most of Singapore’s business and finance happens. It is near Chinatown, the Singapore River, Marina Bay, and the Central Business District. Some of the most well-known companies in the area and around the world have their administrative headquarters in this very urbanized area.

The Central Corporate District (CBD) is renowned for its excellent street food, and it has a large number of hawker centers that cater to the gastronomic needs of the local business community. One of the most well-known is Lau Pa Sat, which is located in a stunning structure designed in the colonial style smack in the middle of Shenton Way, Cross Street, and Raffles Quay. It is the spot to go for great Satay, particularly in the late hours when the little side street shuts to create a way for traditional street pushcarts. The repairs that are now being done will not be completed until November 2013.

When you cross over to the other side of Cross Street, you will be greeted by China Town, which is full of brightly colored and endearing shophouses. You will get the distinct impression that you have just entered a completely different world.


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