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CT FoodNex

CT FoodNex is a B2 food manufacturing facility with a focus on the food and beverage (F&B) sector. The Urban Renewal Agency (URA) has designated the CT FoodNex location as a food factory. The building will indefinitely be used as a food processing plant. As a result, there is no need for a functional transformation.

CT FoodNex’s front-door access is one of its most distinctive advantages. Ground-floor flats are reached through a 40-foot shipping container. The 20-foot truck may be placed just in front of the apartments on levels 2 through 4. Units on floors 5–10 may be reached by van, cab-star, refrigeration trucks, and 7.5–ton rigid frame transports.

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Have easy access to the Woodlands Regional Center and the Woodlands Causeway, two of the most important landmarks in the developing area. Workers’ access on-site and beyond dams is facilitated.

The location of CT Foodnex is ideal since it is close to a number of different types of infrastructure, including services, highways, and residential areas. The Sungei Kadut Industrial Estate and the residential suburbs of Choa Chu Kang, Yew Tee, Woodlands, and Bukit Batok can all be reached in a matter of minutes.

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Singapore can’t grow enough of its own food because it doesn’t have enough good farmland. Almost all of the groceries sold in our supermarkets are imported. As of 2018, only a small amount of the food that is eaten in Singapore comes from local farmers.

Being so dependent on food from other countries is hard, especially considering how hungry Singaporeans are, but we are up to the task.

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Since it produces so little food, Singapore has no choice but to pay whatever farmers and ranchers want. Because of this, Singapore will feel the effects of changes in the global food supply, including price rises, in the form of higher food costs.

The goal of creating CT Foodnex was to make it easier to ship perishable goods. Therefore, the driveway is rather roomy in width. The ramp’s width increases from 7.5 m in a straight line at level 1 to 11 m or 12 m farther along.

Levels 2–4 have a 9-meter driveway, whereas levels 5–10 have a 7-meter driveway.

The Admiralty/Woodlands neighborhood is the location of CT FoodNex, which can be found in district 25. CT FoodNex is a new industrial development with a very practical design. It will have a cold storage facility, a food processing facility, a central kitchen, food packaging, and food production.


Who is responsible for this project? Chiu Teng Group

Chiu Teng was founded in 1999. Chiu Teng is a well-known construction and development company that builds and remodels commercial and industrial spaces.esign buildings with people’s professional needs in mind, their work is known for its innovative planning and high-quality craftsmanship. to their customers’ wants and demands, and their flexible designs reflect this.

Chiu Teng Group has developed a number of commercial properties, including E-Centre at Redhill, CT Hub, Wintech Centre, CT Hub 2, Tagore 8, CT Foodchain, and Enterprise 10. Both The Creek @ Bukit Timah and 15 @ Jalan Sultan are part of this plan, with the former catering to commercial use and the latter to residential construction.


How Sungei Kadut Will Develop in the Future

We are aware that Sungei Kadut was originally merely an industrial district in the northern region. Nevertheless, the location is going to undergo revitalization in the not-too-distant future.

A New MRT Station and Interchange Is Coming to Sungei Kadut

The north-west connection will be improved with the construction of the Sungei Kadut MRT Station and the interchange between Yew Tee and Kranji MRT. The Sungei Kadut Station, which will be constructed on the North-South Line or the Red Line, will link to the Downtown Line or the Blue Line, creating another hub for Singapore’s public transportation system.

While construction is expected to be completed in the 2030s, homeowners and commuters in the northwest stand to benefit and possibly save up to half an hour when traveling to downtown areas.

Shorter travel times, better connections, and more convenience are all on the horizon for Northern and Western commuters once the Jurong Region Line is finished.


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